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Using Lidar scanner on iPhone 14 Pro for Detailed Stair Design

During a recent site visit, it came to the landscape contractor and my attention that a stairway was really the only practical way to negotiate a difficult side yard. The survey information we had for the site included 0.25 cm contours, but this location needed a little more detailed base information to be designed properly.

I tried my iPhone 14 Pro Lidar scanner using the Scaniverse app (Free). To be sure about accuracy, I also took laser level readings at key points along the slope. I found the Lidar scan to be plenty accurate compared to the laser points.

I used CloudCompare (Free) to convert the scan to a point cloud, which imported seamlessly into ArchiCAD, then designed a stair and pathway pattern that closely follows the lay of the land.

This project will be constructed this year. When it's complete, I'll report back on how the stair design fit in the landscape.

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