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Two cross sectional drawings of a stream corridor with the proposed cross section on top and the built one on the bottom


Affinity provides high quality and practical Landscape Architectural solutions for the residential and commercial development community as well as for public sector clients. We help bring our client's ideas to life by achieving timely approvals and providing actionable plans.

Image of a stream bank with vegetation emerging from a coconut fibre mat to illustrate natural erosion control measures


We help our clients meet agency approvals on developments requiring edge enhancement plans, buffer plantings, or wildlife habitat features. For projects where ecosystem restoration is the focus, we provide expert advise based on over a decade's experience with establishing native woodlands, wetlands, and meadows.

Example plan of a residential master plan showing a home, visual screen planting, pathways and garden beds


Our residential landscape design solutions encompass all scales, from single garden beds to entire properties. Design considerations include season extension by maximizing microclimate, integrating new buildings with natural water cycles, and ecological restoration to encourage native plant ecosystems.

Example image of a tree protection plan showing red and green circles to indicate trees to be removed or preserved


Affinity Habitat Studio is familiar with tree by-law and forestry regulations in several southern Ontario jurisdictions. Our certified consulting arborists provide expert tree preservation plans for municipal permitting and approvals.

Services: Recent Projects
Image of Dylan White speaking about animal tracks


Affinity Habitat Studio in partnership with Dylan White Consulting provide training to Indigenous Youth with the Bagida'waad Alliance. Topics include ecological field surveys for various wildlife (birds, bats, snakes, amphibians, etc.) and plants as well as nature interpretation and guiding. See our blog to find out more.

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